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I`m looking for a UK SELLER OF THE Corsair Link Cooling, Lighting Kits, i`ve searched everywhere, anyone know of anywhere in the uk i can get one . i cant be annoyed with the waiting from america. i know there is other kits availiable but i`m a corsair fan and it would be the "final part" to my rig , as i have said to my wife :non: hehe

Any help guys would be well appreciated most places are saying pre order but it was launched in jan i think i`m not 100% on this but if ya find one for me you`ll have a friend for life :D
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  1. Both on pre-order....
  2. Any ideas when they are going to release it guys?

  3. I checked my list of shops man, either no listing or pre-order sorry
  4. always the same in uk man , released overseas an we have to wait months lol B******* hehe :D

    Cheers Guys
  5. I bought my T-Virus resses from FrozenQ in the states because no-one here had two of the ones I needed, long wait and the dreaded customs charge annoyed me but they were an integral part of the design and could not be replaced,
    sucky but thats part of the dark side of custom building :)
  6. i`ll e mail scan and some other shops an see how long the pre order is if its quicker to order from states then thats the plan cheers guys (Y)
  7. No probs man,
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