AMD FX6100 overheating to 65c while idle!

Ok so heres the problem, currently I'm running an AMD FX6100 on an ASUS M5A97 motherboard, with an a ASUS HD 6770 graphics card. The ram is currently at 4GB (although I'm using windows 7 32-bit, so running a little under that). All of this is sat in a fairly basic case with 2 chassis fans and 2 vents on the left and back.

Until two days ago none of this was a problem as I was using a 500w power supply. However whilst playing GW2 I noticed my graphics card was overheating slightly so I decided to turn the fan up a fraction (from 30% to 40%) somehow this caused massive problems to the power supply and it effectively blew up.

Yesterday I went out and bought an OCZ 750w ZS Series PSU. It is all connected up just as before and seemed at first to be running perfectly until I recieved a pop-up from AI Suite II saying that my cpu had reached 70c. Just after this my computer turned itself off and after waiting for it to cool down I added Thermal Paste to the Heatsink/CPU and started up again. This time in BIOS. Now while running BIOS I'm seeing the CPU temp reach 65c fairly quickly.

Basically I'm asking if anyone knows what is causing this. To me the obvious thing would be the new PSU but I have no idea why that would be. Im also aware it could be issues to do with the heatsink or even the case.

So what do people think? Any advice would be more than welcome.
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  1. did you have no thermal paste before?
    how much thermal paste? you should be thinking smear and not layer. Did you clean off the old thermal paste?
  2. check that the new power supply is sucking air out of the case and nopt blowing air into the case. I've run across a couple that were back-asswards

    Also some PSU use self controlled fans which means that they might not even spin up until the PSU gets warm. This setup might not be good in your system.

    While you're in there checking the thermal paste again, make sure you didnt jar any of the other fan headers loose, that the fans all do spin, and that the heatsink mount didn't come loose (if you are using an aftermarket heatsink that is)
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