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hello dear tomshardware users,
well my friend is going to houston next week and he said he well get me some pc components like Motherboard- Ram - Ssd - HD- Cpu And Graphic card, he is going to microcenter(basically anything small cause the prices here is more then double) ,
my budget is about 1500$ just for these things,(does not mean have to spend all of it

I am Going To Max Battlefield and some high demanding games.

so For Cpu And mother board
i5 3570k And Asus z77 Pro

Ram 8GB Corsair 1600 (should i buy 1866)

ssd intel 520 or Crucial M4 128GB or crucial

GPU- Cant Find any good ones at their website. Gtx 680 Or Amd 7970

HD- 1tb WD Caviar Black

Cpu Heatsink : i want a good one, But Not very big, up to 100$, i think i well buy Hyper 212 evo

and the rest like psu and case im gonna buy local,

should i go for it or should i wait for haswell(socket 1150)
what do you guys think, i just dont want to regret anything,

And Thanks Alot to this Helpful Community.
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  1. you going to have a difficult time trying to find a 680, 7970 is still a great card

    Depends on what you have already, ivybridge is still a solid upgrade over anything thats non sandybridge. Haswell is more then a year away
  2. Right now i only have a decent laptop, i5 5XX, thats why i want a new custom built Pc, its just that i heard that haswell is going to be a huge upgrade from ivy bridge.
  3. right now i found a antec khuler h20 620 for 49.99 at ncix after MIR. you might want t check it out
  4. its a pretty good cooler over hyper 212. also there isnt much of a performance benefit from 1600mhz and 1866mhz
  5. TheBigTroll said:
    right now i found a antec khuler h20 620 for 49.99 at ncix after MIR. you might want t check it out

    thanks man but i just dont want to risk leaking with liquid cooling cause basically i well be screwed big time (No Warranty)

    and yeah i am getting 1600
  6. guys is Haf x a good case
  7. Where is everybody?
  8. Come on!!
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