good tv card for w2000?

What is the best tv tuner card
that for sure works with win2000?
Does anyone have one installed
on on win2000 that they can report
really does work?
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  1. (please read my replies to shiznit about ati tv wonder)
  2. I've had a Hauppauge TV-PCI card for a couple years and I've run it mostly on Win2k. Never had any problems whatsoever.

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  3. WinTV is ok. ATi TV wonder is also OK.

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  4. I've had experience with both ATI TV Wonder and Hauppauge WinTV PCI. In my view, ATi's card was much better in terms of both viewing and overall functionality. In the end I stuck with Hauppauge for Linux compatibility.
    Hauppauge works alright, but you will need a graphics card that supports hardware overlay -- nothing from nVidia will do. Without hardware overlay it would be severely handicapped. Check the HCL at
  5. I'm looking for a good capture card for win2k too and already have a 3dfx 3500TV. It works fine as a 2d/3d card but crashes win2k when capturing (not always but quite a bit). I think this is due to the beta drivers which is all that is available. In your earlier posts are you saying that the ATI and Happague are good 2d/3d cards in win2k or they're good in capturing video too?

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  6. The Happague are tv tuner/capture cards, not graphic cards.
    ATI has a single Tv tuner that people say is good for capturing. They also have the All-in-Wonder series that serves both as a graphics card and Tv tuner. Their latest model, Radeon, are good 2d/3d/ cards as well as tuner/capture cards.

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  7. Oh... Didn't realize that the Happague was a capture card only. I agree the All-in-Wonder cards are good cards. A good friend loves them under Win98SE. Unfortunately what I have seen in posts on various sites about video capture under Win2k isn't to encouraging. I don't mind working with drivers and stuff to make everything work (isn't that part of the fun?) but this is something I want to work without that problem. After posting my last email I saw the thread by Shiznit on 5/22. After reading that I think my question is answered and I'll use video capture under Win98SE and Win2k for everything else. Thanks for the reply.

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  8. I have experience with both the AIW Rage Pro, and the AIW Radeon under Win2k. For best results, get the RADEON, not the Rage Pro model. For some reason, Win2k likes the AIW Radeon much more.
  9. I had nothing but problems with the AIW Radeon and 2K. Tried everything, including 3 clean reinstalls and I still couldn't get the damn thing to work after a week of trying. On a whim I reinstalled with Win98 and it ran like a dream. Unfortunately I HATE Win98 so I had to give up and go back to my Geforce256.

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  10. I just traded my old N64 for a TView 99 tv card. Not as brand named as the others, but I can say it was worth the trade. Everything works as advertised. The only thing I wish it had was a timer recorder like the TV Wonder. But it does work OK in Win 2k--(just a little buggy, but no blue screens of death).

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  11. Are the Sigma Design Hollywood's any good? Or are they for another applicaiton?

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  12. I have a hauppauge and on win2k and it crashs every time i turn it on and it is the only thing that has crashes win2k on me.
    the card work fine in 98se.....
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