EVGA 560TI/570 or wait until the 6xx series comes out this summer?

Hello, I'm doing a gaming theme build and was wondering what y'all think would be the best course of action. I want something with the relative power and features of the 560TI or 570 so keep that in mind. Should I wait for the Nvidia 600 series cards to come out before I get my graphics cards. I have plenty of time before my reveal so theres no rush. I'm also not concerned about the physical size of the card either. The price is a major concern, though, since I have no sponsors or freebies. I would like to stay between $250 and $300. I've heard the the GTX 650 will be roughly the same specs as the 560TI so I guess thats my biggest issue, I would like the latest/greatest, but I would like to know what y'all think.
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  1. I think you've already answered your own question. You're in no hurry, and you want the latest and greatest. You should do what fulfills YOUR mission the best.

    I wanted one now, so I bought one now. Tonight I'm going home to play SWTOR at max setttings with my 560Ti.

    When do you want to play "game xyz" at "xyz" settings?
  2. @catafish: Thats the thing though, I am a pretty casual gamer, so there really isnt a gaming requirement there for me. I do play need for speed shift, dirt2/3, and the occasional FPS. My current 9800GTX(overclocked, of course) handles most of my gaming needs pretty well, but being able to increase the GFX settings without having to worry about my temps would be nice. Like I said, there is no rush but I keep hearing about the 600 series being delayed and what not, so I figured I would ask here.

    BTW thanks for the quick reply!
  3. take alook at the 560Ti448 core cards. They are basically a slightly crippled 570. They sell for about 300, but all have 20-30 dollar rebates right now.
  4. Hey man, also i agree Wait for Kepler. It will be here Earlier than you think. Two weeks to be exact. Now i do not know which models will be on the market for March 23. But i do know that NVIDIA Announced it to release On March 23
  5. no brainer...wait
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