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Attempting to install the Hyper 212 EVO into an ASRock x79 Extreme6... know I don't need the black plate (the socket has the /is a plate), and used the smaller standoff screws specifically for the LGA2011. Got everything, I thought, right. Screws tightened in diagonal pattern (doing a bit of each screw at a time)... I might have put a "bit" too much paste on, as a few tiny spots have squeezed out the side (I used far less than a pea size, but I don't think I'm overly concerned about this part anyway), tightened down the middle screw as far as it would (the thread is sticking out ~2 rotations abovet he top of the nut), before it kept spinning in spot. And then I went to clip the fan on. One side went on fine, but then went to clip the other side on and the entire cooler twisted. Only as far as the pin sticking up from the base into the bracket would let it... but that's still a LOT, or at least I'd imagine for something like this.

What have I done wrong?
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  1. I don't need the black plate < you should have used it.
  2. Why is that... and more importantly, how? The stand-offs designated for LGA2011 are flush with the metal plate that's on the front of my motherboard... and while there are holes in the back that I assume (and I say assume for reasons which will become apparent) line up with those at the front, not only have the screws from the stand off not come through that far, they haven't even punched through a solid blockage that appears to sit through the middle of the holes.

    That said, it's not the stand offs moving. or the retention plate, but the coolers base under the retention plate despite the said plate being screwed down so far into the stand offs that I'd have to put considerable force into making them any tighter, the same for the 5th (tension) screw. It only wiggles as far as the latitude it's given by the indent the pin coming up off the base is meant to key into... and this is relatively tiny ammount... but than translates to a worrying distance at the edges.
  3. Try to readjust the retention bracket. It's not suppose to move like that.
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