Eyefinity 2x1 + 2x1 cloned

I need to two set of 2x1 display.
I tried to run a 3x1 + 3x1 cloned display on our Eyefinity setup but I couldn't figure it out. I can create a single 3x1 group but CCC won't let me create a second one, let alone clone them.
I've read a few guides about Eyefinity but I have yet to find one that describe my setup.

I know I'm talking about Eyefinity but I'm open to other suggestions (Matrox DoubleHead2go ?). We just happen to have an eyefinity setup to mess up with ;)

Ah yes I forgot :

Asus P8-Z68-V PRO
16 Go DDR3 1333
(Asus) Radeon 6950 DirectCU II
Windows 7 64bit
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  1. The amd "fusion engine control center" should let you do this (i think) under desktop management. I don't have multiple displays to mess around with so i can't try it sorry. I assume you have all the required display port adapters to do this since you got 3x1 working?
  2. Yep we're already using 3x2 without any problems. I<ll search for the fusion engine and I'll let you know how it turned out.
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