Storm trooper with asrock extreme4 z77?

I'm building a new computer with an asrock extreme 4 z77 mobo. For the case, I'm gonna choose the cooler master storm trooper. It's a full tower atx and is pretty heavy, but because this is my first build, i just want to make sure the both work together. can the asrock extreme4 z77 go well with the case along with the rear panel ports?
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  1. Keep this in mind when choosing parts.
    -All parts have a form factor or plug
    -Parts will be compatible if the two parts have identical form/socket

    Does the motherboard you are choosing say ATX, or Micro-ATX?

    Keep in mind, by following the rules above, you can guaranty compatibility.
    ATX goes with ATX, LGA1155 goes with LGA1155, etc.
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    Your board and case will work perfectly together. As far as the rear I/O ports matching the case, not to worry. Motherboards come with their own I/O back plate to fill the hole in the case where the ports go.
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