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So I have a Dell XPS 8300 and I play star wars the old republic and well unfortunetly I need to get a new graphics card, I only have a 450 watt power supply and I can afford up to 300 bucks, Any Help is much appreciated.
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  1. for your power supply i would recommend a 7770 or 7870
  2. damn the 7800 series is awesome
  3. Yep, or a 7850. Kepler will have a nice card for your power rating as well
  4. monitor and resolution ?
  5. Quote:
    I think he doesnt want to wait another 6 months for kepler.

    How many times must i state this. Kepler Releases March 23, google it. Its not 5 weeks. its not 5 months, you know? its not being dragged out that long. It releases March 23.
  6. Well See after that was restated because they were having trouble with 28nm. But If you google it. There was a EVGA forum post about March 23. Now i don't want everyone to be oh march 23 and then when it gets here it turns out to be April. But just to point out. EVGA is NVIDIA's #1 Partner in Graphics cards....So. I also have seen it said on many other sites so it very well could be possible. Also NVIDIA sent out invitations to their partners for the launch party coming up so....Idk man thats all the evidence i got.
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