Why do we love graphics cards so much?

I want to know what it is about graphics cards that makes them so addicting?(your opinion) Once you get your first decent graphics card, it's like you just want more after that.

No matter how many times I do the research, find the best value, and build a computer; somehow afterwards I still can't stop reading about graphics cards? I like the process of making PCs and playing games, but I never find myself that obsessed with the CPU or the case or anything else.

Something about the graphics card market, and the community keeps me interested even when the rest seems pretty hum drum. I've never really wanted a console because even when it's new the graphics card built into it will never be as good as even the current middle of the line PC cards.

I think if anything it is the fact that the graphics card has more impact than any other component on overall gaming performance. Yes you can get a variety of different speed processors, but these will mainly affect your peak FPS and not as much your minimum FPS, which really determines the overall play-ability of a game. Anyone who's upgraded just a processor, and then just the graphics card will notice this.

Then there's all the variability that graphics cards have compared to other system components. Their variable factors are: size(length, height), weight, cooling solution, power consumption, future upgrade-ability, and even driver support. No other component has so many different variables to consider, unless you're going water cooling or something unnecessarily complicated.

The way that the CPU and GPU market seem to be moving in a similar direction is also a really interesting theme.

All day on here I see people trying to change everyone's minds based on a single fact. Maybe it's a benchmark, new product release pending, or personal bias.

Part of the fun of choosing a graphics card is looking at it from every angle, and knowing you have chosen the graphics card that best fits your needs. On here a lot of people try to project their own needs onto someones post asking for help. Rather than trying to tell them "what the best option is, period" maybe make suggestions of multiple options that could accomplish their goal. Leave them some room for a personal decision.
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  1. graphics cards are addicting? xD
    i think of it as new games are released they come out with new eyecandy, at some point the new games will become more advanced than your current gpu and that will be the time you will be lookin at a new gpu :)
  2. Why do I love graphics cards? It allows me to play crysis!

    Ever since I first experienced Voodoo 2's GLIDE API - I started loving graphics cards. For some reason - I still like the look of how the GLIDE API worked and displayed graphics (for its time).

    Generally, we (or at least me) try to reccomend people the graphics cards that fit their budget, and whatever games they will be playing. I don't reccomend the Highest or top end GPU, I reccomend whatever fits their budget/case/motherboard.
  3. For me, it is because I feel like I am missing something if I don't have every game completely maxed out. I am hooked on eyefinity and I haven't played a game that does not support it since I upgraded. If it comes to a point when my gpu's won't allow me to play a game in eyefinity maxed then I will look into upgrading again. Though, I hope that does not happen for a few years since I have sunk a pile of cash into my current gpu's,.
  4. Well i like Graphics Card's because well they are basically a requirement if your a PC Gamer. We Builders want to make the bst of our PC. and the graphics card is like the final touch to the PC. its what gives it, it's extra performance boost. I like having the latest and greatest but the Median is fine mixed with high end is fine with me
  5. because it presents an opportunity for fanboyism!
  6. It all started with reaching 30+FPS with eye candy
    Then hitting max vsync (60FPS)
    Then hitting max vsync with full eye candy AND higher resolution (1080p+)
    Then hitting 120FPS on a capable monitor
    The next step is reaching max vsync on a 120Hz with absolute max eye candy.

    I ain't going back to playing on a 60Hz monitor
    I ain't going back to playing low setting to reach max performance
    I want it all

    My thirst for performance and insane visuals are my addiction, video cards are the cure.

    I blame the devs for creating such incredible games these days. DAMN THEM! ;D
  7. A good soundcard can last 5+ years easily (boo if you use onboard)

    Mobo/CPU are neat too but usually last 3-5 if you shop well

    Basically, graphics cards have the highest turnover in computers, they're the one area of a computer that is still rapidly improving every 6 months. And, well, GPU's are typically the largest bottleneck on your system.
  8. I think its the easiest thing for people to argue and epeen about with each other.....mine is better, no mine is better....yeah but yours tesselates like crap, yeah well yours is loud....etc. Your 60fps video game doesn't know the difference which one is powering it. We used to argue about whether batman or superman would win in a fight....then Camaro vs. Ford and Suzuki vs. Yamaha.... Times change.
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