Looking for a GPU that will supprt 6 monitors

To start, i am not a day trader but i do trade often (few times a week) using Thinkorswim and looking to get more serious. Anyway, currently i have HP XW6400 workstation running 64bit Windows 7 with 8GB of RAM. I have two different older ones GPUs supporting 3 monitors right now and that works superb. However i do not have enough space or should i say I WANT MORE.
I have purchased 6 21" LCDs that i need GPU now for. It could be one or two. Price is a big factor. looking for something up to $150.00 total.
There will be NO gaming dome at all!!. ONLY need these 6 monitors for trading. Want to make sure that i will have enough power and RAM, without breaking the bank. Also don’t want to have something that fill freeze.

Thank you
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  2. Yep, that should work.
  3. Don't you need a crossfire for that?
  4. "At the bare minimum, the lowest end AMD DX11 GPU can support up to 3 displays. At the high end? A single GPU will be able to drive up to 6 displays."

    So you better get better card than two low end. Get 2Gb versions
  5. Hello iknowhowtofixit

    And thank you so much for your posts and comments. I have looked at the link you mentioned (Two of these - [...] 6814102960)
    and I like that a lot!!!
    However, I mentioned in my original post my total spending should no exceed $150.00. Actually I can go a little higher, lets max it to a $250.00 flat if that would benefit me.
    Once again, there will be NO gaming done at all. Mostly trading using Thinkorswim application.

    If you think that maybe spending few extra $$$ will be wiser, please advise. Also, do you think that my old HP xw6400 dual core dual cpu workstation will be OK??

    Once again, thank you and everybody else that were kind enough to reply to m,y post.
  6. Hello iknowhowtofixit and thanks again.

    No, games are not considered at all and the other two GPUs that you mentioned in your very first post looks like a ideal solution for me. Just wanted to make sure that they will have enough RAM on them to support 6 monitors. As I mentioned, 6 monitors are strictly for trading. However workstation will be used for other tasks, like banking, emails, excel, etc (but then will probably disconnect few monitors via Screen Resolution in Windows 7 (to be green on environment )

    Having that said, I will have several charts streaming data on those monitors, its not a game, but still plenty of data needs to be updated constantly and want to make sure it will not freeze on me. I understand that if I spend more I get more, but exactly as you said, if the extra power will not be used, then why waste it?

    I addition, I want to make sure, my hp xw6400 workstation will handle the extra power. ( I have 3 monitors now with two old GPUs) and it works perfect.

    However, if you think that a little more RAM would benefit me, I am willing to spend extra on that.

    I appreciate your posts and comments.
    Thank you very much
  7. Hello iknowhowtofixit

    I just placed an order for the two of those GPUs you have mentioned in your first post $59 each. Will update this post once received and installed.
    Thank you again.
  8. I have 6 "HP S2031 20" Widescreen LCD Monitor that will connect to these two GPUs:

    What other cables will be needed to connect all 6 monitors to two of these cards.

    Thank you all.
  9. Hello iknowhowtofixit

    The way i have connected now, i have some kind of DVI Y cable plugged in to my card and on the other end where it splits, i have connected two monitors. So out of two cards with each having one physical output, Y cable is attached and on the other end i have 4 connection where three monitors are plugged in.

    Will i be needing those Y cables here for the new cards or each physical connection will drive one monitor. If so, excuse my ignorance, why do i have those Y cables in the first place??
    Thanks again.
  10. You will need 6 separate connections directly to the cards using the cords detailed in my previous post. You will not need any Y adapters.
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  12. Thank you iknowhowtofixit

    I understand now.
    Thanks again.
  13. Hello,

    I have received my two GPUs as recommended by iknowhowtofixit in his earlier post. Connected 6 HP 32031 LCD to it and it works perfect. LCDs came with the DVI cables and GPUs with HDMI to DVI. Therefore, did need to but any cables. GPUs are really nice and very easy to install.

    One again, thank you all and especially iknowhowtofixit for all comments and answers.

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