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i have a T6100 creative 5.1 speaker and when i am testing it my rear left and right speakers works f9 and making sound while when i tests my front left,front right and centre the woofer makes sound insted of speakers???i have tested my front left and centre speakers by plugging them into rear left and rear right in my back of the woofer and they make sound after testing.....can't test my front left speaker because it has different fat jack.i am sure that my four speakers (can't say about front right)are working but only on rear left and rear right jacks of my woofer..and i think my front right and centre woofer jacks are not working...???/
can somebody help me???nd sry for my bad english.
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  1. Make sure the speaker settings configuration is set to 5.1 in windows or inside of whatever program your PC may have as an audio controller.
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