Can agp DDR2 ram card can be put in pc with DDR 1 ram

I am having pc with intel 845 chipset with DDR 1 SDRAM having 4 PCI ( not PCi Express ) and 1 AGP slot. I am having Microsoft Vista with service pack 2 which does not support this motherboard. I have to install the driver manually. Automatic Update has updated Directx to DirectX 11 and I can not boot normally. So, I need a grahics card with which DirectX 11 will work correctly. I want cheapest card as I am not gaming but to software development and do not need fancy stuff.
My question is can I install AGP card or PCI VGA card with DDR2 or DDR3 ram in my PC with DDR - ! SDRAm ?
Also, please guide me which will be the cheapest graphics card which will work with DirectX 11 or at least with DirectX 10 which is default for Vista ?
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  1. Yes it will work. As you know this is very old technology. I think the latest version of Direct X you'll find is version 10 which will work with Vista. I would buy an AGP card as they are more powerful than PCI cards.
    Take a look at this link:-
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