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Hi Folks.

Been trying to figure this out for a while and my good friend google has just made it even more confusing. Im new to pc building and don't fully understand how to tell if a card is low profile or not. Is there an easy way to decipher what will and will not fit?

I currently have this case To my understanding I can only fit low profile graphics cards. Currently installed is a HD6670 Is this a low profile card? Im looking to get rid of this card and upgrade. If I was to purchase a standard card would it fit in my case?

This is probably an incredibly noob question to ask, but I thought it best to come here to have to explained correctly.

Cheers for your time, folks. :)
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  1. Case description says 4 full sized expansion slots. That means can fit regular sized cards, so no need to worry about low profile or not
  2. jrazor247 said:
    Case description says 4 full sized expansion slots. That means can fit regular sized cards, so no need to worry about low profile or not

    Thanks for the response. Is the size of the case the only thing that inhibits expansion slots? Does the motherboard affect my choice in size in any way? I have the Gigabyte GA-M68MT-S2. Its funny the custom build company that sold me the Pc told me it would only fit low profile cards, which is why I went for the HD6670. After taking out the card it seemed the same size as every other graphic card I have used previous. Think I will update it, not happy with 6670 at all.
  3. No motherboard doesn't determine low profile or not, only the case
  4. Thats great thanks a million for your input. So low profile just changes the length of the card then? Is the Vtx hd 6670 I currently have installed a "low profile" card? I have a considerable amount of space from where the card finishes to the nearest obstruction and 2 free expansion slots underneath. So theoretically could I fit a high end decent graphics card?
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    The card you linked is a full height graphics card.

    "Low Profile" refers to the height (distance from the motherboard to the top) of the card. Low-Profile cards will generally only have two graphic output ports. Low-profile Ready cards will generally have three graphic output ports, but PCB card is only half-height and the top graphic output port is only connected by a cable to the PCB and the full sized bracket. Low-Profile Ready cards generally come with low-profile brackets to replace the full-sized bracket.


    Low-Profile HD6670 - Note this card only have two graphic outputs.
    Low-Profile Ready HD6670 - This card is similar to the previous card, but has the extra D-Sub 15-Pin VGA port. Note that the PCB does not extend above the HDMI port and the VGA port is connected to the PCB by a cable. Also note that this card comes with two half-height (low profile) brackets. One for the DVI and HDMI ports as well as a second one for the VGA port.
    Full height HD6670 - Note that this card also has three graphic output ports, but unlike the previous card, the PCB board extends the full height of the card. The top VGA card is connected directly to the PCB and not via a cable.

    Hope this helps.

    -Wolf sends
  6. Incredible answer. Completely understand now. Cheers :)
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