Gts 250 vs 4850 vs 4870

Hi Im looking for a graphics card to upgrade from my integrated GMA 3100 that can't run anything. Im on a sub55 dollar budget which I know is pretty tight but I found all of these under 50. I found the gts 250 and 4850 at 50 new and the 4870 used at 50. I know the 4870 is much better but I am wondering if its worth getting it. Im looking to play skyrim at ultra/ high (high is perfectly acceptable, ultra is really just a boon for me.) I only play on a 1024 x 768 res monitor so Im expecting a pretty bad bottleneck with the 4870 which is also going to be used which is the only reason I didn't pounce on it.
My specs are:
Windows XP pro: 32 bit
2GB 667 Mhz and 1 GB 400 mhz DDR2 ram
Intel Core 2 Duo @2.4 Ghz
280W PSU( Going to buy a Corsair CX430 with one of these GPUs.)
1024x 768 res monitor.
Another factor is if these GPUs will run on the CX430. Thanks for the help I appreciate it.
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  1. eh this is how the order goes 4870>4850>GTS 450. if you can find one, a GTS 450 might be best for you!, check ebay
  2. for $50 get the 4870. its all around better. and i think the CX430 will be fine. but you'll be feeding the PSU already close to its limits. better go for a 500W one.
  3. 4870 is a pretty good card w.r.t. gts 250. Consumes the same power, but is almost 25% faster.

    about the PSU, yeah, both can run fine on it. Total consumption wud be around 250W on idle and 300W on load. The CX430 can support upto 350 I think. So u're safe. :D

    B/W the 4850 and gts 250, the 250 is around 15-20% faster

    Also ur res. is 1024X768, which is pretty easy for any of these cards to handle. I wud suggest u go for the gts 250. Albeit, it consumes 35W of power more, but it also is a stronger pick over the 4850, and new too. The 4870 wud only be worthwhile if u were to go for a multi gpu setup in the future, which I doubt u'll do, so. [:aford10:6]
  4. Rockdpm said:
    eh this is how the order goes 4870>4850>GTS 450. if you can find one, a GTS 450 might be best for you!, check ebay

    Eh, where'd u get that from.
    Its more like 4870>450>4850

    And, the 450 is lyk $90 at least. His budget is sub 55$, savvy? :D
  5. Oh yeah one thing I forgot mention is about what fps would you expect with the card you recommend on ultra/ high on Skyrim or average with most games
  6. One more thing that I really need answered my case is 16 x 7 x 16 inches rougly not exact but pretty close to it. Will any of these card fit a case like that, Its an OEM machine with no other upgrades except a new hardrive which is not in the way at all.
  7. 4870>4850>250
  8. does anyone know fi these will fit in the case? and if these will max out skyrim? My case has a fair amount of space by my standards but I am unsure
  9. probably have no problem. None of the cards are extremely long.

    these cards will probably do pretty good in skyrim. You should have too much problems playing the game but your cpu won't max out the game either way.
  10. yeah a 4870 can play Skyrim on High Settings.
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