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hey guys need some advice on what card to get , i had a gtx 460 which performed really well for me but died on me so now i need a new card any suggestions im looking to spend around R2000 but definitely dont want something less powerful than the 460 because i do alot of gaming BF3 and MW3 online ..... i am willing to step a little over budget if worth it thanks
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  1. About how much is R2000 in USD? I'm not from the US myself, but that is usually a good middle grounds for currency. Also what web sites or stores do you usually shop with?
  2. what does the R in front of that 2000 amount mean ?
    because then if you are unable to find out how much in USD it is there are tools on the web which we can use to find out how much it is.
  3. the USD is R8.15 to 1$ now so that would b around 246$ for the R2000 and pczone or matrix ware house is the shops i would buy from here
  4. R is Rands im from South Africa
  5. From your last post you meant R as a symbol for the South African currency of Rands then R2000 will be $262.16 or more simply 262.16 USD which isn't that much but still something for a newer video card.
    I will be using newegg.com as it is my preferred source for computer hardware. So i would recommend a nVidia GeForce 560 Ti which is 249.99 USD which translates to about 1907.23 Rands conversion taken as of March 7, 2012 as currencies go up and down over time with that it looks like the USD is getting stronger against the Rand also the amounts are taken before shipping and handling as it varies on where you are.
  6. ok thanks btw quick question which 1 would you chose 460 or 550ti
  7. He's / She's from South Africa. I did some currency conversion and 2000 rand is about $260. I looked for GPUs in http://www.comx.co.za.

    For about 2125 rand you can get a sapphire hd 6870

    For about 2110 rand you can get a evga gtx 560 (336 cores)

    Both of the gpus above perform similarly with the difference that the hd 6870 consumes less power. By selecting either of the cards above you'll get about 20% performance boost over your dead gtx 460.

    Now, I personally would get the EVGA gpu because of their superb customer support, although I don't know if they do that in South Africa.

    By the way the shops you mentioned don't work, one is under maintenance and the other is empty.
  8. haven't seen a shop here sell EVGA so i guess thats out the question but i just wanna no whats the difference between the 460 and 550ti
  9. Using the currency converter on http://finance.yahoo.com/currency-converter/#from=ZAR;to=USD;amt=2000 i got ZAR which is the South African Rand 3 letter currentcy name to the USD which is the United States Dollar 3 letter name I put in 2000 for the ZAR amount as said in the URL address feild above and got 263.2861 USD which is kinda going past the hundredths place where as we stop counting money but still that is how much R2000 is worth in USD. This is taken at 5:19PM in the EST timezone on March 07,2012 as it seems to be moving alot right now.

    I would get the 560 Ti over anything else because the 560 Ti is about 10% - 33% faster than the 460 according to review on http://hexus.net/tech/reviews/graphics/28691-nvidia-geforce-gtx-560-ti-vs-gtx-460-1gb-clocks/?page=9 and does this while staying in the budget of R2000. Don't get me wrong there are others which are much better just go way over 2000 Rands is all.
  10. ok cool im looking at a book from the store i buy from (same store thats giving me credit of R1700 because of the 460 dying on me) the asus 560ti is R3000 there coming all the way through the brands to inno3D which is 2100 for the 560ti so the big difference in price had me scared not to buy the wrong one and i kinda wanna buy from them because of the credit story ....im from a place called Durban 7hrs drive from where that shop is that you just referred to so delivery will be charged if i bought from there......besides that shop there is quiet a few thats in that area but all are far from me
  11. sorry for the unwanted info but just wanted to thank you i made my mind up im going to go for 560ti you helped alot
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