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Low FPS and sometimes high FPS

So after 3 months of not figuring this out I am now not leaving the house until I get this!

Here is the problem,

I have a semi good computer running a

i5 2500K

Radeon 5870


G.Skill 8GB RAM

Gigabyte motherboard

I would like to note that right now I am playing on a 1024 screen but back at home I have two monitors with 1080 and 1050 resolutions.

Every so often when I play Battlefield, I will get low fps, sometimes I can play on high/Ultra with no problems and sometimes I need to play on low to get 35 fps!
This is driving me crazy and until now it was an act of restarting the computer and game until it work. I am done with random acts of god to get it to work and want to fix the problem for good.

If you can help please do!
You will be saving a life ( mine or the computers im not sure :P )

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I also just remembered that one way of sometimes solving this was to go into task manager and stop CCC.

    Hope that helps
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  3. Huh?! Those are both me... how did that happen?
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