Slow boot after new GPU

So basically I got a new GPU which is the Sapphire Radeon HD 6870 Non-reference. And now when I boot windows it puts the 4 dots (windows 7 colours) nearly together but then some white lines flash over the top off the boot screen and then loads into the user page where you enter the password.
All my drivers are up to date but I did download them from the Sapphire website not amd (don't think that matters).

Anyway thanks for the in advance :)
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  1. From what I learned over the years, the website doesn't matter as long as the file is the same. I always download both drivers to make sure they match yeh its redundant but it also tells you if there is different drivers. EX. years ago i upgraded from a nvidia geforce 5200 to an EVGA geforce 5700le the drivers were nvidia and both evga and nvidia had drivers for them when i downloaded and installed evgas drivers and software it worked fine and had a glitchy user interface i uninstalled and installed the nvidia drivers and it was smoother and gave me a greater control of the to your problem i would check your bootmgr and your bios settings to make sure that your video card is set up properly my board allows me to select pci-e or agp technology and i have to select the amount of ram the card has or it does not work properly so try these two things and see what happens
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