Poor 3570k IBT performance?

Hi, I own my own home built system, and I more recently built a system for my father. I am curious though about the Gflops produced during runs on Intel Burn Test.

Testing on the standard setting:

My 2500k system, is able to produce about 83-88 gflops at 3.3ghz (no turbo boost), and about 93-99Gflops overclocked to 4.0ghz.
My dad's system however, running at stock with turbo boost (4x 3600mhz), only pumps out about 83-89 Gflops.

Perhaps this is normal, but I would just expect his performance to be noticeably better than my 2500k at stock. What other factors contribute to the IBT Gflops score?

We both have 1600mhz vengeance memory, except mine is C8 against C9, and his is low profile;not that that should affect anything. What else could have an affect?
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  1. First of all it sounds like you need to understand how turbo boost works. Based on heat and the number of cores in use the processor will clock up to provide a smart boost of performance. Now since the IBT will run 100% on all the cores you will not see the full performance from the turbo. Most likely at that point you will see the processor running 100MHz faster then its normal clock speed.

    So if you were to overclock his processor to 3.9GHz or something like that you would see a much higher performance. Even changing the turbo boost so that they were all set to 39 you wouldnt see the drop that you are talking about.
  2. Well I got the 3600mhz value from Hwinfo, I know all the cores won't clock up to 3.9ghz at once, maybe I got it wrong though. I mean, I'd expect that that four cores under load would be at 3500mhz, rather than 3600mhz I originally said, so perhaps I mistakenly looked at the max rather than current value in Hwinfo. I have an after market cooler on the 3570k so temps are good.

    Still, considering the results from my 2500k at 3.3ghz, and the 3750k at 3.5gh and having virtually the exact performance in IBT, I was wondering if there should be a more noticeable differents in GFlops than I was seeing. Though I guess every cpu is different, and gflops probably doesnt tell the whole story in terms of performance.
  3. Download and try this http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=19105 it is just a monitor to see when the turbo is being used and when it is the performance gain is from it.

    The Intel® Core™ i5-3570K is running about 6% faster at the same speed. So if everything else was equal you would see the Intel Core i5-3570K just a touch faster then the Intel Core i5-2500K.
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