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So, right now, my system is making every game that doesn't run on DX11 stutter pretty bad, and the audiocovers are horrible to. Not sure why though, because when I play BF3, I play with all settings on Ultra with AA turned off and I get the smoothest most beautiful gaming experience ever.

Then, when I try and play BioShock and Dead Island, the picture usually goes to hell, and the game stutters and the audiocovers get real spotty. So weird.

Can anyone help me?

i3-2120, 8GB RAM, Sapphire Radeon HD 6870, Asus P8H61 Rev 3 mobo, and I'm running the Catalyst Control Center on the latest update, 12.1. I thought maybe it was a corrupt driver so I uninstalled and reinstalled. No dice.

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  1. Do you use vsync? If so have you tried those games with it turned off?
  2. Vsync as in, on the games settings itself? Or in the catalyst control center?
  3. Or, a bad PSU.
  4. lol, how could it be a bad psu when I'm playing BF3 on Ultra with the smoothest gameplay. Makes no sense.
  5. You didn't mention your PSU, hence I said that.

    Did you use SSD? If not, I would suggest you should do some defragmenting and disk checking every now and then.

    Your spec has a well capable card and a capable enough CPU to pull it off. I find this weird too. If it's still under warranty, you can try RMA the GPU and see how it goes.
  6. Maybe it's not the computer but the software. Have you tried looking into "stuttering issue" fix for each game? For example, Bioshock probably has problem with multicore affinity.

    There seems to be issues with Dead Island stutter:
  7. It is software issue. Maybe drivers or you need a patch. Have you look around forums ( of each game) and see if someone else have this issue?

    If you didnt have this problem before maybe reinstalling the games , Unistall ( clean the registry with CCleaner) then reinstall.
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