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Im trying to figure out whether or not this mobo is fried or not. I don't know much about the inner workings of computers so I thought i'd ask the professionals once again.

If my cases LED lights and fans are operational then the motherboard should be ok right? Because they plug directly into the motherboard.
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  1. No, that only means that there is still power running through those headers. What kind of symptoms do you have? Does your computer power on but never post (start)?
  2. The computer starts up and the fans/LED's operate but nother appears on my monitor and there is no beep with the case speaker plugged in.
  3. if you wanna know your motherboard is fried or not then follow these steps !!
    put out all of you rams and start up the pc, if you hear a beep sound then your mobo is alright! If you haven't any beep sound then sure your mobo is dead.
  4. It beeped 3 long times when the RAM is out, that means the mobo is ok?
  5. of course! Mobo is ok, so the problem is in the cpu place remove out the cpu and reseat it correctly and put the cooler tightly... Hope thats help but i've solved same problem with my pc and it's work perfectly.
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