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I have a Linksys WRT610N wireless router. It works just fine with the computer which is in the same room. However, another computer in another part of the house "can't see" the router. Apparently, it's too far away. I've read about antennas one can attach to routers to extend the range, but when I ask Linksys if there is compatibility, they want to charge me to answer the question. Does anybody know the answer?
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  1. I don't know much about router extenders, but there are products that you can purchase for your computer to increase the signal strength and distance you can connect at. I had a similar problem and bought a USB plug in antenna which allowed my farther computer to connect to the downstairs router.

    Check out the Wi-Fire at if you're interested. Good luck with your trouble!

  2. You can find a lot of aftermarket antennas, but if you don't have any connector, just check your router settings and try to move this router in a different location. ;)

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    I have an E3000 which is just a newer rev of a WRT610N. Your antennas are internal so unless your really into soldering and modifying I would look for a different solution.

    I would start with the basics. Try setting different channels (1,6,11) to see if you signal improves. If you can relocate your router that also helps. I suggest the highest central location. Repeaters are a last resort as each jump cuts your bandwidth in half. I often contemplated buying a refurb E3000 then flashing with DD-WRT to set up a repeater bridge with the 5 ghz band to link the routers then the 2.4 ghz to reach your dead zone. It would have very little bandwidth loss but would be complicated to set up.

    I currently use a E3000 flashed with tomato USB as my main router and an E2000 flashed with DD-WRT as a client bridge. I have to run a wire to my E2000 but I can get a throughput of 70 mbps two rooms away as an E2000 is pretty much the ultimate wireless card.

    Repeaters are usually expensive and don't always work well depending if they are WDS based, etc. If your just looking for a generic draft n repeater I suggest the one linked below. I am more into flashing routers because the results are better but it is a lot of tweaking.
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