Females build

This is why I absolutely hate the 77 layout for mini-itx builds. Its just horrible, look at the usb 3.0 cable, the way it mounts there's no other way to feed it, on top of the fact that putting an aftermarket cooler would block the PCI X slot, which this client is going to put in a 660 when they are available so I had to stay with a stock cooler. I love the case, I hate the motherboard, and I'm very dissapointed in the processor, the i7 3770S should run way cooler even on stock heatsink.

Case is LIAN LI PC-TU200A

Avoid 77 motherboards like the plague. They're horrible.
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  1. well if you put the conplete name of the motherboard you can help me out, in case i am considering getting the same one
  2. Any mini itx 77 series motherboard has the same layout, the CPU is next to the PCIX slot.
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