Upgrading my fathers hp pavilion e9200z graphics card

my father is trying to urpgrade his graphics card so that it can do casual gaming and just trying to find the best graphics card that is compatiable between $100-$200
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  1. Lets see his spec's first. But what I really need to know is what graphics (GPU) does he have now. I believe he has a 350w power supply (PSU) so I would need to see how many amps are on the 12v rail.

    Most of the cards out there are using 400w or better PSU's. Some where on the PSU is a sticker and it shows numbers like 3.3v + 13a = 5.0v +17a = 12v +14a something that looks like that.

    That way I will be able to recomend a GPU for your father's up grade. Like a HD 6670 or a HD 6770. But I need to know the info on the PSU. I am trying to keep from you having to up grade your PSU as well.
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