How to fix the wiring to a power button on a computer case

Hello, I have a case i bought from someone who didnt have the know how to fix it. I found out that the only problem was the power button wires have come loose from the button itself. I soldered the wires to the button on what looked like the two posts they were on. It has a total of 5 posts. I got my build put together and turned on the psu and the mb came on but there was no response from the power button. I cannot figure out who made the case. If you want me to I can describe or even upload a pic of the case. How can I fix this? Another question. I can restart my computer just fine and it works no problem. However, when I shut it down, I have to clear the CMOS via jumper change then it will work fine. What should I do?
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  1. The button that turns on the computer is what's called a momentary button and by that it means you can cross the two pins on the motherboard to start it. The buttom should be an easy fix since you must have the wrong connections. If there is a center pin on the button then that would be one of the connections and you could hold the button down and touch the other wire to the remaining pins to find out which one is the correct one.
  2. ok tyvm i will try that it is an easy fix just got to that point after having the shut down issue pop up
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