$200 to spend

Okay, my birthday is coming up and today my friend just gave me a $200 AMEX gift card.

I have 2 options
a. spent the money on games (skyrim, starcraft 2 , and something else)


b. Spent it on a graphics card (hd 6870?)

my pc spec:
i5 2400
HD6570(currently using)
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  1. Well, your CPU as your GPU look pretty fine to me.
    But what amount of RAM do you have?
  2. 8GB
  3. In that case you are free to buy all the new games and pretty much play them at minimum high settings :sol:
  4. I would recommend you a $120-150 GPU and 1 game, why? because with that GPU u have you can only play at low resolution and medium graphic lvl, at long term you will be wanting to get a better monitor, or increase the quality of detail of your games.

    Also is easier get a GPU and a game, because by the time you finish to play, you surely have save some bucks to get a new one, and you will be playing those games at rally nice resolution and graphic details which you will enjoy more...

    getting a bunch of games that will have low fps and get some laggy while strong gameplaying as SC II multiplayer is not appealing for gamers, or even casuals..

    Its my opinion, sir. :)
  5. Get this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150521

    The 6870 would be a huge upgrade since you're using a 6570.
  6. I'd wait for kepler it is only few weeks. If it delivers, AMD will reduce prices for sure.
    So you might be able to buy 7850 and a game :)
  7. ^

    highly doubt what your saying about being able to get a 7850 for less than 200, the OP is working with 200; id go for a 6870, that gpu is light-years ahead of what the OP has... otherwise wait it out but your not going to see a 50 dollar decrease from MSRP on the 7850, not to mention that they will be brand new when they finally do launch and therefore inflated
  8. Well I have 3hrs to make the decision...
    the hd6570 is a decent card (for me), runs at 25-40fps in bf3 @ med settings
    If I upgrade, I can keep the game running 30+fps, but I wont get the new games...
    what do you guys think?
  9. Whats is your monitor resolution? and you are planing to get any other in the near or long future? because if want to get a new monitor, you surely will need an upgrade, also, alsmot any GDDR5 GPU will be a huge improvement, i tell you as i had one HD 6570 XFX... now with my $130 6790 GDDR5 its a HUGE improvement on gaming... also since im getting a new monitor the card will last longer...
  10. It all depends on you, if you wanna play at better settings and over 30 fps or if you just wanna get more games.

    I'd get the GPU if I were you.
  11. my resolutions are at 1400x900 or 1280x1024, depends on which monitor i feel like using
    And I think this time will be the only time I will have access to all this money b/c my parents will make me save up for a my car
  12. get the GPU you will really be please of doing it at long time, and since your are getting a car (congratulations) you will be more likely to get 40 bucks for a new game than trying to figure out how to get a new gpu for those new games are coming and are more gpu dependent.

    with a 7750 or 6770 GDDR5 you are good to go and still have some 80 for at least 1 game or 2, if you are lucky... if you choice well get an 6850 for $150 and a good game for $50, lets say Stracraft 2...
  13. k, thx for all the responses
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