Bitfenix Spectre Pro

Getting a fan controller and the Bitfenix Hydra Pro looks great!

It says that is supports 30W per channel, does that mean I can connect 2 fans to each channel? (using a 3pin Y adapter)
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    Yes since it will support 30w per channel , but I don't know if that means a total of 150w or if you want to have a couple of fans connected to one slider.
  2. will only use up to 6-7 fans just wondering if they'd get enough juice
  3. Each "channel" stands for one control/connection (may it be a slider or a knob or whatever).

    Most fans use 5W or less, one with loads of LEDs might use 8-9W. Which means you can - at least - attach 3 fans to each channel.
  4. Well it's like I was trying to explain in my previous post the controller may have a 30w per channel rating but you have one four pin molex connector feeding it so you will only get what that molex connector will supply. I'm pretty sure that it will power 6 or 7 fans but not much more.
  5. It has nothing to do with the Molex connector itself, it can handle a lot. The question is if your PSU has enough to offer. For example if it is a single rail PSU all connectors take power from that single rail which should be fine. That's not suppose to mean a PSU not being single rail can't, though. In that case it depends on what each rail is capable of.
  6. I have a Super Flower Golden Green Pro 650W 80+ Gold PSU
  7. With a gold certified psu then you should have the efficiency that's needed to power that amount of fans through a molex plug.
    Your psu has a single 54a rail so your powering of the 6 or 7 fans off the single molex will be ok.
  8. ok great! thanks!
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