I want to get a second video card for eyefinity. I have a 6970, and i can not decide if I want another 6970 or a 6990. What do you guys think is better. Which card should I get.
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  1. Another 6970 or sell the current one and just get a HD7970!
  2. ^+1
    If you try to crossfire a 6970 with a 6990 the best that your crossfire with do is the same as the 6970. So it wouldn't do you any good to buy the 6990. Like said above get another 6970.

    Or sell the 6970 and buy two 6990's or buy two 7970's. Here I will link you to a chart in compairing the 6970 to the 7970. Good luck to you.
  3. Well, some nice bad information in this thread. First of all, if you get a 6990 then you will be running tri fire since the 6990 is 2 6970s on a single board. Ref for those that are confused

    Honestly man, I wouldn't spend money just yet. See what happens with the 7850/70 pricing and see how the Nvidia Price/performance looks. I am in a similar boat, running 2 6970s and waiting to see what ends being the best upgrade if any for now.
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