In bios screen my system doesnt show the hard disk as the first boot device

Hi, my hard disk is not gettin detected in the boot device, the only option which am able to see is the cd/dvd
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  1. Did you check your connections to the hard drive?
  2. This means it will try to boot to the cd/dvd first. If there is not a bootable cd in the drive, it will then try the hard drive. This is the same way it worked way back when we had floppy drives, There should be a way to remove the cd from the boot list all together so it never looks at the cd to boot from(makes booting faster).
  3. make sure the hard drive connected to the main sata ports. some mb use third party chipsets. in the bios check that the sata ports not set to raid or ide. should be set to achi mode.
  4. what is your motherboard name and model
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