Omg help

i just format my pc and i installed all drivers and bios things ..
so i wanted to play bf3 with my gigabyte gtx 560 ti but when i enter the game all the screen flashes !!
but im able to play with 1 card what i should do ?
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  1. You should provide more details. You say you're able to play with 1 card, yet you say it crashes. Do you have an SLI setup? If so, did you use the SLI bridge and is it enabled in the NVidia Control Panel?
  2. im able to play with one card but when i active my sli via the nvidia cp and run bf3 all the screen flicker and i have the cable for the sli its flicker only when i play bf3 with the sli
  3. Flickering like the light's going on and off? Or stuttering? The clearer you can provide more details, the more we can help you. Punctuation and grammar actually help to convey your issues more clearly, btw.
  4. i got this problem :

    and my spec are :
    intel core i5 2500k 4.5ghz
    ram : 8gb 1333
    psu: 750wat
    gpu:gigabyte gtx 560 ti with last nvidia drivers
  5. What is your PSU make and model?
  6. sea sonic fsp 750 wat
  7. Here's some things to try:

    1) Do you have Vsync enabled? I've heard this problem can be cause by too high of a framerate. Also, can you run something like Fraps that tells you your FPS while this is happening, so we know if it's low or high?

    2) Reset your SLI bridge. Try flipping it around. Just make sure it's snug.

    3) Try different SLI options in the NVidia Control Panel. Try both Alternate Frame Rendering 2 and 1.

    4) Skim this thread for other ideas:
  8. I'm closing this tab in my browser due to no response. OP, PM me if you come back.
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