Ccc 12.2 and strange 6048 by 1080 eyefinity resolution?

Okay so I'm running cf hd6950 2gb with three 1920 by 1080 22inch panels, I just installed the newest ccc12.2 with cap 12.2 cf profiles and now in benchmarks and games it says I'm running 6048 by 1080, how is this even possible? also in gpu-z for some weird reason it says driver version 12.3, has anyone else noticed these possible bugs or is this new technology? of course old max resolution was 5760 by 1080, and I also had to re-configure my eyefinity setup with the new drivers, also strange.
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    When you got resolutions higher than 5760x1080, it means your Eyefinity setup has some "bezel adjustment" in place. I do have it but I adjust it manually.

    But what you can do is to check how the images fit around the bezel. If some part of the scene gets hidden behind the bezels, then it means you really got bezel adjustment. It is a good feature to provide better image. If the bezel adjustment does not look good, you can still manually adjust it in catalyst.
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