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June 1, 2001 3:19:29 PM

Does anyone here know what manufacturer supplies the cool-looking cases that Alienware uses?

I've seen the cases available on e-Bay, but the listings are from their distributors. Apparently anyone with $50 and a phone number can be their distributor, but I'd like to know by what name the cases are really known.

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June 2, 2001 8:51:10 AM

The full tower is from:

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They state on the website that the cases are Dragon's, which is a Chieftec case ... but actually, it's the Antec SX1030 or the SX1030B. I know ... I'm sitting here looking at it. They are very similar ... but I'm absolutely, positively certain that mine is the Antec. Alienware just began allowing customers to get the full-towers painted in various colors. This includes the keyboard and monitor. Mine is charcoal-colored, with gold fan grills.

It's a great can ... the only drawback is no removable motherboard tray. But there's lots of room to work, so I haven't found it to be a problem. I was able to get all of the extraneous wiring from the PSU tied to the side of the can, behind the motherboard, which means the wiring job internally is neat as pin. It has room for 4 fans, and Alienware puts an additional 80mm fan on the side to blow on the video card. Good airflow ... and two removable 3.5 drive bays! That totals up to six 3.5, and four 5.25 bays. Plenty of room for the biggest ATX PSU. Two gull-wing doors, and two locks. Two thumbscrews for each door.

They don't come with any filters, unlike the Addtronics, but I installed 4 aluminum mesh filters I picked up from 2CoolTek, one for each fan, and one on the internal 92mm PSU fan ... and that did the trick. Looks good, too.

Note: Interestingly enough, the case shipped with a 400-watt Sparkle PSU, instead of the Antec PSU.

The cases they used to sell were Addtronics 6890A's and the 6896A's ... and they are pretty nice, but not nearly as good a case as the new Antec's.

I have no idea who makes the mid-tower cases; the ones with the pneumatic sliding panel in the front. I never asked ... I didn't want it. I didn't like the idea of the front panel sliding down and covering up the fan intakes when I was using the CD-ROM/CD-RW.


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