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So I was helping my brother put in a new heatsink. We unhooked all the components, pulled the motherboard out, got everything situated and mounted it back in the case. So after everything is in the right spot we hit the power switch and all the fans and LED's kick on just fine. But the problem is, there's no video output to the monitor. We tried a different HDMI cable but there was no luck there. There's no posts/beeps. What could be wrong?
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    Use the link to help you. It does sound like you forgot to add the cable to the MOBO or to your card if it takes one. You should always post your spec's before asking for help.

    This way we can see where to start looking for the problem or problems. As far as we know you don't even have a GPU and that you are running on a integrated GPU. Anyway I do wish you good luck and I hope you find the problem.
  2. Yeah, sorry about the missed specs, I was just searching for a quick answer. Going to go back through and check all connections, make sure everything is alright. The fans on the gpu's are spinning if that says anything
    Specs are:
    Asus M5
    AMD 955 black edition
    2x 6770 sapphire
    8 gig Ripjaws
    750 wat Antec psu
    1TB HDD
  3. What's the monitor plugged into?
  4. The monitor is plugged into the wall. I just opened up and re-did all connections, still no video signal
  5. Its DVI cable. Is it plugged into the motherboard? It shouldn't be. Have you tried without the graphics cards?
  6. What? It's HDMI, and it's plugged into the graphics card. And no I haven't tried without gpu
  7. Eliminate parts as the culprit however you can. The GPUs are a good place to start. Try with one and then with none.
  8. How do I get video with no gpu?
  9. Your motherboard has an integrated GPU. Take the GPUs out and plug the monitor into the motherboard. I doubt your mobo has an HDMI cable, so you'll need to use DVI. The integrated graphics should automatically work when there's no GPU installed.
  10. On the back side of your PC where you plug all of your USB cables and the cat 5/6 cable along with your sound. There should be a place where you can hook your monitor into. That is called integrated graphics.
  11. Okay, well I now know for sure that it's not the graphics cards. I still didn't get any display off the integrated graphics. Is it possible that it's a cpu problem? Just assuming since that's the last thing that I messed with in the pc before it stopped giving video output. Maybe too much thermal compound when I applied the new heatsink or possibly a bent pin?
  12. Did you remove the graphics cards when testing the integrated GPU?
    Too much TC wouldn't be a problem unless there's so much that it's oozed off the CPU and into the mobo, which I doubt. A bent pin, sure. Do you usually get beep codes?
    What kind of other parts do you have access to? Another compatible CPU or mobo would clear this all up.
  13. Alright I got everything figured out. After setting up the components outside of the case and running with the bare minimums, still nothing. So I took the cpu out just to give it a look, and wham, a single bent pin. A little wiggling with a mechanical pencil and I now have video output!
  14. Good job and Hats off to you for figuring it out. Good luck to you.
  15. ...posted right after the OP reports a solution?
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