[New Build] Ivy Bridge Build Evaluation

Approximate Purchase Date: Picking up the processor tomorrow, everything else will be as soon as the list is finalized

Budget Range: ~$1000 (don't want to move too much up/down from what is already present)

System Usage from Most to Least Important:
Parallel Simulations (Matlab/C etc, mostly cpu intensive) , Gaming, General use

Parts Not Required:
Monitor: U2412M
Video Card: GTX470
SSD: 120 GiB Patriot Wildfire

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: newegg / amazon / microcenter

Country: US

Parts Preferences: by brand or type
Don't care

Overclocking: Yes

SLI or Crossfire: No for one, in the future yes

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1200

Additional Comments: Want to have as quiet as possible when it comes to fans (within reasonable prices). Blue LEDs.
Will be using the onboard mobo RAID for a RAID 5 array in the future

Here is the current parts list I'm looking at:

Processor :
core i7 3770K (already found at microcenter for $290)

Motherboard :
ASUS P8Z77-V Pro

RAM : (deciding between these 2)
Ripjaws Z or Trident, DDR3 2400

I wasn't sure how much RAM I needed, 8 GiB was a good "cheap" amount and I doubt I will need more than that, if in the future I do then I will buy it. I do plan on overclocking both the RAM and the processor. Decided to go with 2400 since it was only $50 more than 1600

OCZ ZT Series 750W

Found this from the recommended PSU's. Should be enough for all my stuff? Seems good enough, but any other recommendations appreciated

HDDs :
Currently have a 1.5TiB and 1 TiB barrucada. Once HDD Prices drop more I will be picking up 4x Hitachi 2TiB 5k3000's to build a RAID 5 array with. Getting hitachi for the TLER and 5400rpm since I don't care about speed on a data drive.

The parts I still need help with:

CPU Cooler
Ivy Bridge runs hot when OC'd so wasn't sure what kind of cooler I should get. Was looking at the following
Cooler Master Hyper 212+ or Evo (low end)
Noctua NH-U9B (mid end)
Noctua DH-14 for high end air or I if I wanted to go with a liquid solution Corsair h60 .

Don't know how hot I am for a liquid solution, but that corsair seems very self contained.

Looking for a full ATX tower. Currently interested in the following cases (more suggestions are welcome)
first five


Really unsure about the case. Currently upgrading from an ATX mid tower (Nikao Dragonfire). Also unsure how loud all the default fans are that come with the case, would be interested in taking all the fans out and upgrading them to quieter fans if necessary, or if the fan control from my mobo is good enough.

Optical Drive:
Could use a suggestion on a cheap optical drive to throw in for basic cd/dvd reading and burning. Blu-ray if it's not too expensive?

Any other comments welcome!
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  1. 2400 is OVERKILL. Unless you're video encoding, it's 1FPS of a difference. Get 8GB 1600MHz. Here's proof:
    750W is overkill. Get 700W or 650W.
    The Dh 14 outperforms even some liquid cooling solutions. Get that instead and some good quality thermal paste.

    I reccommend these cases

  2. Otherwie, great build. It'll run BF3, Skyrim, rysis, etc. without a hitch :)
  3. I might stick with the DDR3 2400 ram just for the novelty / why not if it's only $50.

    Will any full case be able to hold the Noctua? Will I actually be able to overclock any better with a DH-14 over the UH-9?
  4. Yeah, but that's $50 that can be used for the cooler, better case, etc. I mean for that price, you could 16GB which would be infinitely more useful than 8GB 2400. 16GB will allow you to run games and other programs simultaneously. The speed in most games makes 0.6FPS - 2FPS MAX difference in a game. I suggest you get 8GB 1866/16GB 1600.The DH14 has a perfect rating, and those cases are huge, and it'll fit it no problem.
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