NZXT Switch 810 Repainting and Color

Ok after asking the community what kind of case should I buy I ended up with the NZXT Switch 810

Pretty Rad case

I was planning to get it repainted to a green scheme but what would be the case color I would buy

White? Black?

And what would look good? Make the metal parts green and leave the plastics normal color? and just LED it up?

Need some design help coz I suck at this.


Thanks in advance

here is the case

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  1. I use my Phantom and ripped off the outer shell leaving a bone bare box frame... to me it looks elegant.
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    The white looks pretty good the way it is , but if you were going to be painting it aI would get the black.
    Weell for onr thing you could just buy this first case since it is a NZXT 410 and just go with it.

    This next one can give you some idea's of what to do.

    Then you could just flat out paint the whole thing green.

    I think that the first one can be a bluprint of something to do and then add some green leds. If you look at the White 810 case and paint all of the black spots green and then add some green led fans with a fe green led spot lights.

    Then maybe a led strip;

    The options are endless. Watch the you-tube video
  3. Well i dont think it would help to get black, Im assuming the shell is painted which means he will have to sandblast or sand it down completely. Having black vs white primer affects the color, white is a better primer but usually limits how dark an overlapping coat will look. (aka making it look lighter compared to black primer)

    I've built scale models when I was very young.. painting is a B*tch,...

    Prep is the most important part, Ive seen videos on youtube where a guy said that If he didnt sandblast his case (took an hour) it would take him 6 or more hours to hand sand.
    On top of that, if you get all the oil and dirt off (wiping with alcohol) then you can start painting. But painting is the hardest for me because it takes the most skill and concentration compared to plain labor for prep.
    If you mix your paints, be careful of consistancies as it can cause orangepeel or flaking (paint too little or much diluted)
    If you dont follow these steps... your paint job at best will rub away fairly easily. Although doing all this, my paint job on my controller with model paint rubbed away within months (could be cus of model paint... eh idk)

    You can always prime your case with any color primer paint ... its super easy, just light mist coats.
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  5. @inzone thanks for the links checked it out
    I have an idea what to do now


    Thanks for the input I now prep is the most important next to the initial painting I have a friend in auto painting so I have no worries about that. I just need to sand blast it when i get it then do some hand sanding and remove the residue.


    Thanks for the replies :3
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