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Yes, I know what you're all thinking, but please no flaming. This laptop is for school and I don't have another 600 to spend to get a laptop with a 560m.

I recently bought an Asus x44h-bbr5 for $400 from best buy (yes, I know what you're thinking; they have good laptop deals), and I thought for the longest time that the i3-2350m had hd graphics 3000, which is nearly double the performance (12 cores vs 6) of the 2000. But after running some games (cs:s, aoe3, dirt3), I'm not convinced. Is this true? Does the i3-2350m really only have hd graphics 2000? What processors have 3000? Is there any way I can overclock it without the bios, since the laptop's bios doesn't allow overclocking? Would that be a good idea? I didn't buy this primarily for gaming, as I have a radeon 5750 and an i5 2500k @ 4.2ghz in my desktop, but it would be nice to play with friends who don't have computers with them and occasionally play on the go.

Notebookcheck says i should be getting nearly 60fps on dirt3 on low, and I'm not getting 30 at 1366x768
I saw a furmark bench that said 720p hd 3000 over 400 pts. I got 162 at 720p. Clock was around 1ghz, mine's apparently at minimum 650 according to intel's site.
Any ideas? I updated to the latest drivers on Intel's site...

Furmark and GPU-Z identify it as a hd 3000
Kombustor identifies it as a hd 2000
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  1. BTW I tried afterburner and it didnt work
  2. All mobile Sandy Bridge CPUs has the Intel HD 3000 graphics core. I don't know how to OC the HD 3000.
  3. That processor has the HD3000 graphics, however vs the I5 line for laptops, there IS a slight difference. The i3 you have will overclock itself up to 1150mhz, but the i5 will hit 1300mhz, a very small difference.

    The Intel HD series are NOT overclockable, aside from their "Turbo Boost"

  4. Hmm... Well, any idea why my framerates are so much lower than notebookcheck benched?
  5. A lot of those framerates for the HD 3000 are from the desktop versions of processors.
  6. Is there a difference between the desktop and mobile hd 3000? :heink: Well there should be..
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    Click the following link for some benchmarks. A Satellite Pro R850-122 with an i3-2310m CPU was used for the benchmarks.

    Hover over "Low", "Medium", "High" & "Ultra" to find what settings and resolution were used for each game. For example, "Low" for Mass Effect 3 is 1280x720 resolution, "Low" for Dirt 3 is 800x600.
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  9. Turns out it was actually ultra low and running at 800x600. *sigh* guess I'm grounded at my desktop if I want to game...
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