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I am currently building my gaming computer "its up and running" but i still need a gpu,

I was thinking of getting a gtx 670 but i wasnt sure which model of that i should get:

the only one of these that is avaible atm is the gigabyte windforce

gigabyte windforce price 400

Msi twin frozr price ?

Asus direct cu ii top price 420

or anything else that over clocks good.

Can you guys suggest which one i should get im pairing this with an i5-3570k @4.6ghz and 2-3 monitors

and does the diffrence between 2gb version and 4gb versions justify the 80 dollar increase?

Thank you for your time. :hello:
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  1. Get the 2 gigabyte version from Gigabyte.
  2. you can never go wrong with evga i would rather stick with 2gb just my opinion

    don't ever think i would need 4gb and as benchmark says a stock 680 can run pretty much every current game smoothly and you can OC a 670 (really like evga superclocked 670) to perform the same or better than a 680
  3. k that reassures me about the 2gb version and im not getting the evga's current cards becuse there all on the refrence i was looking for a custome pcb and as i was searching found that gigabytes pcb for there gtx 680 is exactly the same as 670 it even has 6pin and 6+2 pin where as the asus only has 2 6 pin so i think i may get the gigabyte sin i have no clue when twin frozr would come out
  4. The extra vram would be a good thing if you plan on doing higher res or multiple monitors - especially with BF3 and possibly some future games.
  5. Theres a Evga Version on neweeg .

    I think its the best choice, they have great support, my gpu stopped working a Gtx 550 ti after 1 year, and they gave me a new one. Just Called Them, sent it back, and they gave me a new one 2 days later.
  6. GTX670 vs GTX680:

    The GTX670 benchmarks at between 89% and 95% of the GTX680, depending on the game but should cost about 80% of the price.

    *BTW, I ordered an ASUS GTX680 from NCIX and they simply put me in a queue due to the backorder. Apparently it could easily be TWO WEEKS until I get my card.

    Which GTX670?
    Due yourself a favor and wait for a non-reference cooler for as little as $20 more that is much quieter. When you see benchmarks of noise, keep in mind that every 10dB doubles the noise. For example:

    - 45dB vs 55dB (the 55dB is TWICE the noise)
    - 45dB vs 65dB (the 65dB is FOUR TIMES the noise)
  7. GTX 670's in stock?

    Wow, snap those up. They will not last.
  8. actually its not a paper launch at all they are in stock every where all day except the gigabyte windforce is not at newegg atm been going in and out all day and all the ones i posted above non reference coolers on custom boards.
    Im leaning towards the gigabyte windforce because it easily gets high ocs with low noise and has a better power voltage control than the asus and its basically on a gtx 680 board. and ahh that sucks 2 weeks id kill somebody lol.
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