Gigabyte windforce 7950 crossfire performance issues

Hi, I am so far not impressed with the performance of my new 7950's in crossfire. They are the Gigabyte windforce ones with 3 gb of gddr5 ram each, they also come stock overclocked to 900mhz core and 1375mhz memory. Running the benchmark in just cause 2 (the dark tower one) I am only averaging around 39 fps. This is with all settings maxed out with v sync off. I can also tell the fps are not up to par in normal gameplay. Here are a couple reviews of the cards in crossfire (albeit they are different brands):

There are many others and all of them have much better frame-rates. One of them is using the exact same benchmark. I don't think anything in my system is a bottleneck as you can see:

Motherboard: Asrock z68 professional Fatality

CPU: i5 2500k @ 4.5 ghz

Memory: 16 gb cosair vengeance low profile (to fit under the noctua cooler for the cpu)

PSU: corsair HX 1050

GPU: 2x gigabyte windforce 7950's

Storage: 2x corsair force 3 120 gb's in raid for OS and apps, 1.5 tb seagate green for other storage

cpu cooler: Noctua nh-d14

OS: windows 7 64 bit

So is there anything I am missing here like a bios setting or a catalyst setting? I know the crossfire is working because of the crossfire icon at the top of the screen during game play.

The cards do make a barely audible humming noise (not the fans) while in crossfire mode, so I don't know if that is normal. Thanks for the help!

PS I did make sure the drivers are up to date and the catalyst settings are set to application controlled.

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  1. they also come stock overclocked to 900mhz core and 1375mhz memory

    That one should be stock overclock to 1000mhz core
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