Upgrading my computer, cant figure out what wires i need

Alright, I have two questions, so I'll just jump right to the point...

1: I'm finally building a gaming computer and I just bought a new case (Cooler Master - CM Storm Scout Mid-Tower Chassis) I've installed my motherboard and everything into it but i had no way to hook up the fans. They use "Molex connectors."

The problem I have is that i bought a modular power supply a while back to start this build, and have moved houses sense then, and the wires got put in a storage building quite a distance away. I'm having trouble finding the wires i need to buy. This is the power supply: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817151095

I cannot find the flat 5 pin connectors this power supply uses anywhere I've looked.. So right now I'm running a very small case fan from my old case, which is fine for now but I'm not gaming. Does anyone know what cable i need and where to get it?

I've also ordered a new GPU that should be getting here this week, and I need cables for it as well. I'm not sure what I'm looking for in this case either. Here is the graphics card in case it matters: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814161396

I'm not sure what else i need, so hopefully this is enough to get me started..

Also, someone has told me that i may have to just get a new power supply, but as a student that is not an option right now.. Hopefully someone can help me out here.
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  1. I have called them actually, they gave me a number to call a "supplier" that wasn't much help.. I've found some other brand PSU's that use the same cable types so i was hoping i could buy them somewhere :(
  2. Well, the only place you'll be able to get cables that will work would be from SeaSonic themselves, and I would imagine that you would have to buy a whole set. Just give them a call or shoot them an email and find out.

    Although, honestly, it might just be easier and more cost effective to just get the cables that you have in storage, if at all possible. I have no idea how long it would take for SeaSonic to get the new cable set to you, or how much it would cost.
  3. ThatGuyx said:
    I've found some other brand PSU's that use the same cable types so i was hoping i could buy them somewhere :(

    That might actually be true, but with that, you already know more than I do about it (I figured it would be brand specific). If you know the exact models of the other units that use the same cables, you can try going through those companies.
  4. After digging around some more, it seems the company they sent me to makes the wires custom.. This sounds like it will be expensive. I'll report back tomorrow if i find out anything. In the mean time:

    Here are the connector types I'm talking about in case i explained them wrong.
  5. Yeah, I guess it really doesn't matter if you go through one of the other manufacturers (of one of the PSU's that has the same cables), since they'll probably send you to the same place.

    If there's no possible way that you can get the cables back from storage, it might actually be worth getting a new PSU, like you were told before. The new cable set should be cheaper than a whole new unit, but I'm guessing that they'll be at least 1/3rd the cost of a new unit, anyway.
  6. Compare the prices, then choose the best option. Personally this is another reason why I always buy PSU's that are non modular and fully captive. One less thing to worry about.
  7. Hey guys sorry i took so long to get back,

    I ended up getting all the wires i need for around $15, and got a free 5 pin to 3x SATA as a bonus.

    :) Thanks for the help
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