Cannot use the internet

Ok, this is enough to drive me mad.

My specs:

AMD HD 7770 1gb

Asus m5a967 mobo

AMD Phenom II Black edition

500w PSU

8gb Ballistix sport ram

I built my first gaming PC a few days ago, and I needed a wireless card. So I picked this one up:

I connected to my home network and everything worked fine until yesterday. My comp is on floor 3 of my house and the router is on floor 1. I have a mac (which im using right now) and an iphone that get full bars when connecting to the internet. The mac is dual booted with vista" and it connects fine as well. Whats happening with the PC is when it is connected, it says my connection is "excellent" and I have full bars, but then the internet randomly drops out and it changes my connection status to "local only". After doing the diagnostics thing a million times over it worked again. I forgot about it until 15 minutes later when the internet dropped again, but this time it had disconnected me entirely from the network. I tried to connect again but it instantly came up with "couldn't connect" and the only way I was able to connect was to right click it in the list of networks and re enter the WPA2 password, but then I get the same "Local Only" problem and it doesn't work. This has been going on and on for a whole day now and its driving me mad. I cant play games, and I cant download new ones. When the internet is working it says my connection is "excellent" but in tf2 I get an average ping of 700 no matter what server. Websites take forever to load, and on my ping was over 100 but the internet dropped before I could do the upload+download speeds.

Is there something wrong with the card? I went to device manager and it says the drivers are up to date.
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  1. Real gamers hardwire....
    Seriously though, I have a wireless router on the first floor in our Pc room, and in certain parts of the house we get dropout on phones, netbook, laptop,
    I think your cards fine, its the distance involved and walls between
  2. Than how come my signal strength says "excellent" on the windows machine was well as the mac in the room and my iPhone? It was working fine for a while and now it doesnt work and gives me a different error each time.
  3. Ok I just ran a speedtest at on my PC and on my Mac. My new PC got a ping of 38ms and a download speed of .53mbps and upload speed of .26mbps.

    My mac got a ping of 30ms, a download speed of 31.49mbps and an upload of 21.32mbps

    Something is wrong with the card I think.
  4. Try RMA'ing it then, but I don't see a new one making any difference to be honest with you,
    does the manufacturers website say anything on limitations like distance etc?
  5. What about IP adresses? For me it sounds like you have a double IP address in your WLAN. Is it DHCP or fixed IPs? If it's DHCP reset the router and do a "renew" an all devices.
  6. warranty it.
    uninstall the asus software and drivers. When the new one comes use the asus drivers only, let windows manage the card/connections.
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