3 computers only 1 getting full internet speed

I have a fibre optic connection of about 35mbts, with BT home hub 3.0

On the 1st laptop with windows 7 I get the full speed

On both the second laptop and desktop (the desktop is connected by an Ethernet cable) I only get 6mbs. Both the computers have xp sp3 and all 3 have firefox.

on the desktop I get 20mbs in internet explorer.

On the 2nd laptop 6mbts, full stop.

Any ideas?
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  1. Run malwarebytes on the XP machines, and what AV do you run?

    Basically I am thinking the desktops have been running for a few years. Slower hardware + spyware/crap = internet slow down.

    Just a shot in the dark, give it a try and post up...
  2. Also, I assume your wireless router and laptops all support 802.11g at 54Mbps? What speed does XP say you are connected at?

    And to add what tkrl26 sad, you would be surprised how slow older laptop hard drives can be.
  3. You should not have wireless and wired connections enabled at the same time on each laptop; choose only one.

    For example, if you have Wireless G enabled on your laptop, but it's also plugged into the ethernet; most likely Wireless G will have priority and you will be stuck with 6 MB/s. Wireless G is limited to 6 MB/s (54 Mbps).

    Also, check your hub ports because they could be ethernet 10/100 which is maxed out at 12.5 MB/s (100 Mbps). Gigabit ethernet; however, will have plenty of extra bandwidth to use your fibre optic connection 35 MB/s at full speed.
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