New Build, $1000 budget MAX

OK guys, I am here again with a totally new build. It is 200 less than what I posted before. I am using this time and only No tigerdirect or microcenter ncix us, the lot. JUST NEWEGG.COM

Here's the wishlist.

I don't need Windows 7, monitors or keyboard and mouse.

Thanks guys and maybe get me a better mobo than this if possible.

Also, I don't want to overclock. And I'm not getting intel anything.
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  1. you are not linking a public page, this is each individuals card based on login
  2. Any reason for not getting intel?

    Also, any description of what you are trying to use this system for?

    Brand loyalty will cost you money/performance as a consumer. You should aim for the best performance at any particular price point.

    With a 1000$ System I would recommend getting a 128GB SSD + a 3-500GB HDD. Let me tell a, 1TB can hold a toooooooooooooooon of porn, but it's otherwise not very practical unless you rip EVERY DVD/Blu Ray disc you own.

    better motherboard in my opinion and for less money.
  4. Primarily for gaming, watching HD movies on the 52 inch LED which is also going to be the monitor. Ill be playing GTA 5, Assassins Creed, Counter STrike, HL 2, Sims 3 plus expansions and other fun games in the future.

    As for not picking intel, I am not paying 120 more for the i5 to have almost the same stats. I went to the graphics section on this site and the 4100 did well, almost as well as the i5.

    For the mobo, if it is actually better, ill get that but please give facts to back up the claim. Thanks
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