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Can I run gta 4

I have core 2 duo 2.33 GHz E6550 CPU, 2 GB RAM and i think I will buy ati radeon HD5450 1 GB GPU. Can I run GTA 4 on this configuration. help me please
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  1. match your gfx card with this hierarchy chart below:,3107-7.html
    check gta 4 system requirements:
    imo you should oc your cpu if you can. use a good cpu cooler for oc. add 2 gb more ram. gta 4 ia a poorly coded console port that loves cpu cores and ram. i think 5450 is below it's min. req. try something like radeon hd 6670 or higher.
  2. It should be playable with lowest settings.. I don't thing you would have a decent performance.. gta 4 is cpu and gpu hungry..
  3. you can run bf3 low~medium or low medium mixsettings without any aa.:)
  4. Yes, you should be able to run GTA IV on the lowest settings with your configuration.
  5. ok thank you all
    if I could play it on low details it would be just fine for me
    but without skipping a lot of frames.
    sorry if I wrote something wrong my grammar is very bad :)
  6. it will be just fine in lowest settings but i think you should play with some settings set on medium also.

    for clearification see this gamplay.
  7. GTA 4 needs tweakin on a lots of machines,

    The best way I have found to get the game to run is by creating a file a called comandiline.TXT in the games directory and playing around with the parimeters,

    The parimeters can be found here

    Just copy a few random ones like "-norestrictions" into the text file and save it as commandline.txt in the games directory.

    It should work ok once you'ved played around with the settings.
  8. For me its ok if the game would run like on the video that sunnk posted but is it going to run like that because of my weaker processor and 2 GB RAM??
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    that processer is not that weak most of the games just utilize 2 cores not more and 2gb ram is ok the game will run fine i m running gta 4 on my old pc with dual core processer and 2gb ram its working fine.:)
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