Immediate help needed.

Hi all, got my GT 440 gfx card today, fits in my PC fine, when i fire up my PC the fan spins aswell, however when i connect my monitor to the back of it my monitor cant find it, im using my old gfx card for the moment, any help would be great.
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  1. Does your monitor have an Input button where you have to click it to PC?

    What do you mean "it can't find it"? Are you seeing the POST screen? What connections are you using, HDMI, VGA? Are you getting an error "VGA not found"?

    Are you able to hook up both monitors at the same time and get to Windows where you can pull up the Nvidia Settings on the monitor that works?
  2. Right, i took out my old graphics card, put in my new 1, hooked it up to my monitor through VGA when i switch my PC and monitor on my monitor just says no signal, monitor going to sleep, but my graphics card will still spin.

    That is my motherboard, iv read somewere about it could be my onboard graphics, not sure though :/
  4. Bump, any help any 1 :p?
  5. Might have to go into BIOS and set your PCI-E slot to intialize first instead of your onboard graphics. BIOS may have reverted this option back to your onboard graphics adapter when it noticed a hardware change (you swapping video cards).

    You could actually test this by plugging your monitor into your onboard graphics when your new card is installed to see if you get video then.
  6. Hey Monkey, No need to bump Your Post Bro, We will get to you.
  7. Try Plugging your Video into the Onboard display port. If you get a display then could be a bad display port on your video card maybe. But most likely not the case. Don't go into the bios and turn off onboard, otherwise if your gpu goes out. Unless you get a new Video card, your screwed
  8. Update: My card is now automatically, but i had to set the onboard graphics as primary display to do this, now when i go into my BIOS i have a choice of either setting my primary as PCI-E, PCI or Onboard. Any ideas?
  9. You say you have an old video card...
    Before installing a new video card, you should uninstall all the drivers for the old one. Then you install the new card. Windows will use generic drivers for it, then you load the "real" ones.
  10. Iv just put my old card back in and my PC found it straight away and installed the drivers, but when i put the new card in, i used the onboard graphics and once the PC started up it automatically installed that too.
  11. Set your primary as PCI-E and then plug your monitor into your new video card. That's what I was saying in my first post. Try it and tell me if it works.
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