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Hello, I have the above GPU onboard, when my son goes to play SC" the screen appears to crash, but in effect it is yellow/purple/blue negative. This only happens with SC2, it will play as this if you can work out whats what. Any help appreciated
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  1. Hi there, welcome to the forums.

    Hmm. You have a low power GPU but It should be able to open it at least. Have you updated your drivers? What CPU do you have? How much RAM?

    It's very difficult to deduce what it could be with so little information. SC2 is quite CPU bound, so if you have a low power single core it might be the issue.

    Try a driver update.
  2. Try downloading and installing the latest drivers. If that doesn't work, maybe the gpu isn't powerful enough for that game.
  3. Hi thanks for your time. Have done all you say, reinstall latest driver etc reinstalled game as well.PC is AMD PhenomII X4 955 processor, $GB RAM, with ATI gpu plenty room on HDD. This should be big enough surely.
  4. In that case, it could be a bottleneck. Phenom x4 955 is quite powerful and 4250 is, well, not :D You should upgrade according to how much gaming you/your son plan to do. If it's only SC2, a 6770 will do just great and it's pretty cheap.

    However, the gpu might still bottleneck the cpu. I'm not sure, but in any case the game will run a lot better.
  5. I know this thread is old but auntarie you do realize that the 4250 is a laptop onboard GPU right? That means it is unchangeable. To cdarwent try installing this AMD catalyst:
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