Toshiba A205 Laptop Screen Lockup/Freeze

hey Guys, need some help! i have a 5 yr old toshiba Laptop that has worked great till about a month ago. I was using it one day and the screen froze after about 15 minutes use and I had to hard boot it to get it back up. It did it again after 15 min or so so I defragged the Hard drive ran scan disk ect... tried to find if it was a software or hardware problem. the next time i used it it ran for 20 min or so and did it again. I figured the HD was going bad so replaced it and installed windows 7. stsrted it up again and did the samr thing. i noticed that the little HD indicator light that normally flashes goes out when it freezes if this is any indicator.....Thanks larry
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  1. Hello, Larry. If you're comfortable with removing the bottom cover, do so, and clean out the dust that may have built up on the cooling fan and also over the CPU. Doing this will eliminate overheating caused by dust.

    You should also consider downloading MemTest86+ and testing your RAM.

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  2. Also monitor temps. It is possible you had a fan burn out and your system is overheating. I believe I have the same laptop, and it does get a bit hotter than normal laptops.
  3. Hey guys,blew out the dust on heat sink even sat the laptop on a frozen gel pad where the heat sink cpu sits,pulled memory chips one at a time and tried it with one gig chip at a time a still same problem.swapped power supplies,new harddrive and still same issue?
  4. What were your results with MT86+?
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