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So I was provided a router from Verizon with this exact design:

There is a coax cable that runs into my house that connects to the Router's coax connector. Problem is when I want to switch out to a different router. I came across this product from Amazon:

If I were to purchase this, I would just connect the coax cable to the MoCa, and attach an ethernet cable from the MoCA to the New Router's WAN port?

Coax Cable => MoCA Unit => Router Wan Port
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  1. No, those two products are for different uses. The MoCA unit is not a router, it is an extender to use your existing coax to connect a computer of game console in another room without using wireless or running CAT 5 cable.
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    you will need a Cable Modem convert the signal coming from your ISP to RJ45.

    the MoCA Units will only convert cable to RJ45 but will not do the signal conversion and authentication.
  3. I have one question though, a couple people who bought the above modem said they had to call their ISP to register their modem. Now why is that? My current Actiontec Router has a built in modem with a Static IP assigned to it (provided from Verizon). Wouldn't the static IP just carry over to the new modem/Router?
  4. My cable provider used to register the MAC addresses of all routers before they could get an IP address.
  5. Thank you both for answering my questions.
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