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i have problem with my computer when i play with a game,only this week is start this problem when o join in the game my pc turn off dont know this is happend from virus or i have problems with pc what can i do cause i dont know nothing?>plz help
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  1. There could be several reasons why the PC shuts down:

    1. Overheating CPU
    2. Faulty Power Supply Unit
    3. Faulty power button on case

    Unfortunately, you haven't provided enough detail to make a conclusive response. Your statement brings questions of my own:

    1. Is the shut down problem consistent (does it happen every time you launch the game)?
    2. Are there other games effected (do other games cause the shut down)?
    3. What game are you trying to play?
    4. What are your systems specs (link it if it's a prebuilt system)?
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