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My daughters pc with a KT4V motherboard with a VIA VT6103 LAN controller has ceased to function. WinXP reports that the eathernet adapter is installed and working correctly. On the task bar is the icon showing that there is no network connection. I have checked all the cables with cable diagnostics tester. I also ran a new cable through the house to try it. No luck. My question is, can XP see the adapter as working fine but still have there something wrong at the connector? I did check the connector on the motherboard with a magnifying glass and all the contacts look ok. If I need to install a PCI NIC what would you reccomend.


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  1. Try reinstalling the drivers. When you plug the cable in, are you getting a link or activtiy light?

    Note: It's not disabled in BIOS, otherwise it wouldn't show up in Windows at all.

    The only thing you can really do at this point is reinstall drivers to see if that might have an effect on it. If that doesn't work, picking up for $20-$30 NIC wouldn't be a bad choice.

    Most things you pick up off the shelf in a Best Buy/Circuit City will be fine. To keep it safe, a Linksys PCI 10/100 NIC will do the trick. If you go for the cheaper, no name brand, you'll still be fine, but this is a one time purchase so spend the extra 5-10 dollars and get the name brand.
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