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Sata's not working on HP Pavilion M8530 after freeze, tried what i kno

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May 11, 2012 12:51:25 PM

HP PC info
Pavilion M8530f, M2n78 (Viola) motherboard

I installed windows 7 Professional 64bit last summer, it came with vista 64bit

Hi all, Four days ago I installed a PS2 emulator on my system, PCSX2, and it was running fine for about the rest of the day. I was able to open and close it fine and run my PS2 games, but I had left it paused for a few hours and when I came back and tried to exit, the app and the computer froze and I was forced to turn the power off(couldnt cntrl alt delete or other shutdown) Since then...

when i start up my computer, I can get into the Bios but my dvd drive and my hard disk arent detected. They both stopped working at the same time so I was thinking it was a sata port/driver issue, or some other upstream part. I had a spare sata cable and have rearranged them and dont think it is a cable issue, I've unplugged and replugged the power supplies and tried it after removing RAM sticks but no changes. I can start windows 7 install/repair from a USB(have full win7 image), but it does not detect an operating system or a hard drive; I can get to the load drivers part of windows repair from here.

I've tried loading drivers from the boot drive?, X: (i think its on the motherboard); there is an amdsata folder with an amd sata and amdxata driver, but when I load them nothing changes. There is also a folder labeled 'machine', with a bunch of different drivers in it, i was thinking it might be the factory drivers? when i try to load this installation fails and only some of the drivers are added. Other drivers which had 'installation failed:
volume, volsnap, cpu, scpi, blbdrive, hal, and hidserv

After quitting trying to load drivers, I get to the option screen with startup repair, CMD, etc; I tried startup repair and it gives me windows cannot repair this computer, more details =>"Boot Manager is missing" I've rebuilt the BCD from the command prompt from here, got the same message, tried running startup repair 4x with same message every time :( 

There is a drive (on my motherboard?) being detected(X:)  that is about 80 MB and seems to have a windows recovery on it, this is where I have tried loading drivers from. I also copied this to my laptop.

My USB ports are all working(microsoft wireless keyboard/mouse, a couple usb flash drives have worked, disconnected my wireless usb adapter). My video card was working with monitor, but it was one that I added so I removed it and have been using the integrated one. sometimes when I start it the monitor doesn't show anything and i have to leave the computer for at least 30 minutes before it will get me to bios again, this was happening with and without my video card.

I downloaded some of the drivers from the HP website(SATA 2008, BIOS, Chipset, and SATA update), but they were in executable form and for vista 64bit. I tried slipstreaming them in with vlite, when i used the 'add multiple drivers in a folder' option the disk only booted as installation, not repair, and not detecting any drives; when i slipstreamed in just the SATA 2008 and Chipset drivers, it seemed to load like all other windows repairs and didnt detect sata drives. This was the first time I had used Vlite, and these were vista drivers, so there may be a better way to slipstream these.

I was thinking of running XP off a thumbdrive and trying to run the executables? was not sure if this would work..

I've also used Hiren's Boot CD to clear the cmos and reset the bios, this was prior to trying to slipstream the drivers.

Although I'd LIKE to get my hard drive back fine, I have an backup image on an external from 2 days before I installed PCSX so I can use that if I have to

If you have any ideas or suggestions on this I'd reallly appreciate it, i've tried everything I know... I miss my desktop :( 
May 11, 2012 1:10:21 PM

PS the motherboard is an odd model and the vendor's site refers me to HP for drivers...
I can't download the boot cd's from Hp, but I can order them through the mail if I have to
May 11, 2012 1:48:50 PM

could be one or two issues. the first one is the hard drive locked up when you killed the power. some old seagates had firmware that did that. if it did lock up or brick it can hang the ide/sata bus. to see if it the hard drive just take power off the drive and see if the cd-rom pops up. if the cd-rom does not pop up then you could have an issue with the sata controler on your mb. as for data on your hard drive have you tried a usb to sata cable and plugged your hard drive into your laptop and check to see you could read the drive or at lest run some the vendors drive tools. (also is the drive spinning up when powered on?? most drive if the head crash or fail wont spin up or they spin up and then down. if the sata controler burnt out you can try a pci to sata card if you dont want to rebuild your pc.
May 11, 2012 4:07:21 PM

thanks, i tried unplugging the hard drive and starting up the comp and the cd drive wasnt being detected under bios. I havent tried the usb to sata yet(dont have adapter). The drive spins up and I think it stays on for as long as the comps on.(after being plugged back in) its not changing speeds or anything but it seems to be spinning the whole time; i can defnitely hear/feel it spin up in the begining.

I think I'm going to head to bestbuy and grab a PCI adapter since it looks like bypassing the sata controller might work..

if you think its anything else let me know por favor, ill check this real quick before checkout :) 

thanks again